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Scary Bunny Be Fit

Taking the fear out of fitness…one bunny at a time!

Scary Bunnies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are 18; some are 80. Some are extra fluffy; some are fit. Some have fitness goals they are trying to achieve; others come for the fun and hop in when they can. We believe that wherever you are in life, the fact that you are striving to incorporate fitness into your daily routine is to be celebrated and supported. And that is what we do.

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Scary Bunny believes that fitness needs to happen where you live, work, and play.

Our fitness offerings happen in your own neighbourhood, in community halls, church basements, school yards, and even local parks!  Or you may want to attend an Urban Poling event after work in the +15’s downtown or early morning in a mall. But convenience alone isn’t enough to get you out of your chair or off the couch! If you’re finding it hard to be accountable to yourself, maybe you need a bunny buddy or better yet, a whole community of positive, peppy people to encourage you to get your tail in gear and help you achieve your fitness goals. Try a class, join an Urban Poling walk and watch the calendar for upcoming Meet Ups. There is no shortage of people who want to Be Fit.  Why make the journey alone?

Meet the Head Scary Bunny

Lorene didn’t always have a passion for fitness.  As a kid she hated gym class and was the student most likely to be picked last for a dodge ball team.  But with the painful memories of grade school behind her, Lorene tried out Jazzercise.  To her surprise, she loved everything about it:  the music, the dance moves, the happy hormones generated through physical activity, and most importantly, the friends she made; some of whom still count amongst her closest friends today. From that first class, fitness became a part of her life; and has driven her to continually expand her repertoire of fitness offerings and certifications. Lorene’s mantra is simple: BE FIT!  Yet over the years she has learned that the biggest hurdle to people becoming fit was not opportunity or motivation, but FEAR.  People, particularly women, would talk themselves out of attending a fitness class or activity because:

  • They didn’t have anyone to go with and weren’t comfortable going alone.
  • They didn’t know what to wear.
  • They didn’t know what to expect and were afraid they might be older, younger or just “different” from everyone else.
  • They were afraid that everyone in class would be more fit than themselves and they would be unable to keep up.

Lorene knows that if she encourages and supports people by helping them face the imaginary monsters that sabotage their efforts to Be Fit, they will discover that their fears are just bunnies in the grass – not so scary after all.  And that’s what she does.

LoreneHead Scary Bunny
Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification (ALFCA) Canadian Certified Fitness Professional (CANFITPRO) Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach (CANFITPRO) Certified Urban Poling (Nordic Walking) Instructor Master Trainer, Urban Poling Canada Piloxing Instructor Jazzercise Instructor / Owner / Franchisee since 2003 CPR Certified

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