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Fear in its truest form keeps us alive.  It ignites that fight or flight response that prevents us from being eaten by a wild animal or dying in a burning building.

But modern-day fear transcends fundamental safety.  We suffer from anxiety and self-doubt.  We fear the unknown – places we have never been, experiences we have never had, and strangers who may be smarter, fitter, more confident or more “successful” than us.  They may not even like us!

Our well-developed imaginations cause us to cower from terrifying monsters that turn out to be nothing more than bunnies in the grass. By facing the scary bunnies, we learn to fear less.

Scary Bunny Be Fit was born in 2015.


It started out as a concept, drawn out in crayons on a paper tablecloth in a Montana’s restaurant (while eating nutritious salads, of course).

Over dessert, the sugar kicked in and the idea evolved into a business plan.  Scary Bunny Be Fit would offer fun, accessible, community-based fitness programs in an environment where everyone supported one another.

By taking the fear out of fitness, we believed we could create communities of fit, healthy people enjoying life because they had the strength, mobility, and endurance to do the things they loved – travelling to far off countries, hiking with the dog, playing with the kids… or grandkids.

None of that has changed.


In fact, staying active and having access to a supportive community while adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols is key to maintaining physical and mental well being during the pandemic.

What has changed is the idea that Scary Bunny now focuses not just on fitness, but on the bigger picture…wellness.

Wellness is an all encompassing physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, nutritional, head to toe, inside and out, state of being. As we age, any number of things can derail our ability to maintain an optimal level of wellness–career, family responsibilities, illness, or injury. At a certain point, we realize that our wellness is no longer in balance and we have no idea how to get it back on track. That’s where Scary Bunny Fitness and Wellness comes in.

Product offerings now include our signature group fitness options as well as one on one nutrition and fitness coaching, wellness coaching, and training and support for people caring for friends or loved ones.

Life is an adventure, not a spectator sport.

Enjoying life on your own terms requires aging with strength, endurance, resiliency….and courage.  Scary Bunny Fitness and Wellness can help you to achieve all that and more.

Your bucket list awaits…join our community and enjoy your best life!

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Lorene Hughes, Author

“Fear Less” Book Launch 2021

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Official Book Launch: March 8, 2021

Fear Less:

Transforming Fear into Courage within Relationships, Career, Society, and Self

Fear Less: Transforming Fear into Courage within Relationships, Career, Society, and Self is a reminder that we are not alone in living with fears.  Fear is an instinct that can be overwhelming, but it is possible to step into fear, confront and learn from it, and carry on. Within these pages are stories of overcoming the debilitating fears we face from relationships; childhood trauma; insecurities and rejection; growth and success; change; social and cultural norms, expectations, and prejudice; and being an entrepreneur—fear of the unknown and unexpressed.

Fear, in its truest form, keeps us alive; it ignites the fight or flight tendency.  We view fear in today’s society as a weakness that causes anxiety and self-doubt—yet all of us experience it, some on a daily basis.  It holds us hostage, causing us to miss opportunities or make poor life choices, so how can we regain power and step through fear?

Read through raw, emotional, entertaining, and enlightening stories from women who may help guide you through the shadows and change your mindset. As we explore the many facets of fear, and how we get it to step aside without limiting ourselves, we learn to conquer more.

Co-authors: Christine Esovoloff | Kristen Thompson | Sharon Hughes-Geekie | Angelika McKeen | Estee Roe | Andrea
Kelly | Rebecca Juetten | Lisa Poznikoff | Michelle B. Vazquez | Kristy Keus | Lorene Hughes | Haily Kortekaas | Lisa Kern | Betsy Grinder
Publishing date: March 8, 2021—International Womens Day.