Welcome to our Warren!

Scary Bunny Calgary group of 8 cute bunnies

Our Mantra:


Our Mission:

To provide fun fitness options to everybunny

Our Vision:

A community of fit, happy people enjoying life because they can.

Scary Bunny Be Fit Values

Fitness is Power

Fitness gives you the strength, flexibility, and endurance to enjoy doing the things you love to do with the people you love to do them with.

Fitness Should Never Be Scary

Have you ever skipped a class, event, or refrained from trying something new because you were afraid of the unknown?

At Scary Bunny, you are never alone. We can match newcomers with a Scary Bunny Buddy who will answer your questions, attend your first class or event with you, support you in your fitness goals, and introduce you to others in our community.

Excuses Are Never Necessary

We believe that wherever you are at in your life, the fact that you are striving to incorporate fitness into your daily routine is to be celebrated and supported.

Fitness Can Happen Anywhere

Scary Bunnies believe fitness needs to happen where you live, work, and play. Our fitness offerings happen in community halls, church basements, school yards, and local parks. Or you may want to attend an Urban Poling event after work downtown in the +15’s or early morning in a mall.

You Can Never Have Too Many Friends

We are committed to building a community of positive, peppy people who enjoy the benefits of fitness as well as the friendships they make along the way.

If you’re scared, just be scarier than whatever is scaring you!

– Thumper        

little-red-bunny-1372124-1024x892-24If my former NW Calgary high school buddies could see me now…

….they would never believe that the petite, shy and team sport adverse student they knew back then would be a successful fitness instructor today, and neither would I!

glossy-ball-5-1166304-1598x1198So how did I get here?  I started where you are standing right now; too intimidated and scared to venture into something new, and somewhat scarred by my high school physical education experience.  We believe that a fitness class is going to be full of fit students who are good at the class they attend.   We couldn’t be more wrong; students don’t attend class because they are in shape, they come because they want to get into better shape!

My fitness journey started a number of years ago with Jazzercise, a fitness program for students of all ages and fitness abilities.  I don’t even recall how I found out about the program, but I dragged my sister with me and off we went to try a class.  With the encouragement of some of my Instructors, I joined the international community of Jazzercise Instructors.   The year was 2003, and my Jazzercise journey continues, currently in my 11th year in the northwest community of Cambrian Heights.

I was hooked on the idea that I could positively influence students to get into better shape and lead healthier, more active lives.  So my fitness education continued to include the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification (AFLCA) and the Canadian Fitness Professional Certification (CANFITPRO).  But why stop at just the exercise part of the fitness equation; it was time to become a CANFITPRO Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach. 

Fitness trends and the population evolve, and so must the fitness Instructor.  Piloxing , a fusion of Pilates, boxing, and dance was the next certification, closely followed by an Urban Poling (Nordic Walking) certification.  Now I have literally taken fitness classes to the street!

No matter who you are, no matter what you did, no matter where you’ve come from, you can always change, become a better version of your self.

– Madonna

Along the way I have had the privilege of leading some amazing women in my classes, young and old alike.  They have old knees, and new knees, they are cancer patients and cancer survivors, they exercise through pregnancy and they celebrate milestone birthdays.  But they all started exactly where you are today, wondering if they can do it.  They did, and you can!  Because fitness is not just about the class, it is about the community that it creates.  It’s the group that goes for coffee after class, or the students that help out a fellow student in need; the class that collects bras for a cause or food for the Veteran’s Food Bank.

So don’t be scared; fitness really is for “every bunny”.   Join me in continuing to build a community of healthy, happy and fit people, one “bunny” at a time!

Your ‘fearless’ leader,