Pumped Up Strength: Sunday Express


Pump up the music, pump up the FUN!

This cardio-strength training class is time-efficient and effective, delivering a high energy, musically driven workout designed so that all ages and fitness levels feel welcome.

Pumped Up Strength™ is an innovative approach to weight and resistance training.  Utilizing combination movement patterns in a targeted, rhythmic progression, its superpower is the dynamic integration of upper and lower body movements set to fun music.

The result is a fun, sweat-drenched, functionally efficient, cardio-strength workout that will challenge your body in new ways – become stronger, improve lean muscle mass, rev your metabolism, and preserve bone density.

If you struggle to find time to squeeze a workout into your busy schedule, you are going to love this Pumped Up Strength™ class as a 40 minute “Express” format.  Meet your friends online or make new ones. Join us for morning, evening, or weekend classes and efficiently get your cardio, strength, and stretch workout done and dusted in under one hour!

Workout shoes, handheld weights, and yoga mat.

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One Drop-In Class ($12), 4-Class Package ($42)


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