Nordic Walking and Strength Fusion


City or urban pathway, Nordic walking is a great, all season way to do that, but image the benefits of your outdoor adventure if you added some upper and lower body strength and core conditioning exercises also!

Move your fitness class outdoors and work out in Mother Nature’s playground! Everything is right there for your use and enjoyment. We incorporate trees, park benches, playground equipment, hill’s, and steps with our own body weight to increase the benefits of Nordic walking even further.

Calgary has such an amazing pathway system! Explore the beauty and health benefits that they provide with our 4-week course. Week one begins our journey with a 60-minute Nordic walking clinic. The following weeks build on the skills learnt in the clinic and include strength training opportunities during the 60-minute class.

All fitness levels welcome! Nordic walking poles are provided for use in class and are sanitized prior to use. Grab your workout buddies or come make new ones!

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