Virtual Workshops

For family caregivers

Family Caregivers

A family caregiver is anyone who is caring for a loved one – spouse, partner, friend, or family member – who requires support due to aging, chronic illness, mobility, or mental challenges.

Every caregiver’s situation is different. Your loved one may be at home or in a facility. They may be living with you or in another city thousands of miles away. Whatever your circumstances, being a caregiver is not easy.

These one-hour, virtual workshops are designed to explore ideas and provide suggestions and support as you navigate the emotional ups and downs of the caregiving journey. The workshops do not need to be taken in any specific order, however, there are some requirements and tips to ensure participants have a positive experience:

Sharon Hughes-Geekie

Sharon Hughes-Geekie

Presenter, Family Caregiver Virtual Workshops


Writer, speaker and author Sharon Hughes-Geekie is passionate about supporting family caregivers.

For 12 years Sharon was employed by a national home healthcare company as Area Director for the BC Interior. She currently serves as a healthcare representative on the Advisory Council of the Central Okanagan Economic Development Commission, is a long-time volunteer with Central Okanagan Hospice Association and Vice-chair of the Okanagan branch of Women in Leadership Foundation.

Sharon has co-authored two books – Mama’s Gotta Work and Fear Less -through Golden Brick Road Publishing House.  Both books are available for purchase through Scary Bunny Fitness and Wellness Coaching.

What to Expect

Workshops are a safe space


Accept that every workshop participant is a unique individual. You may not agree with the things another person says but you must be courteous and respectful.

Everyone in the group needs to feel that they can express themselves freely, without judgment, and that all shared information will be treated as confidential.



Ask questions.

Share your stories and ideas.

Talk about your challenges.

The best workshops are those that are interactive.

Keep an open mind


Sometimes the most unlikely ideas are the ones that work.


Experience Required

Do you feel like you are so focused on caring for someone else that your own life is on hold? 

In this upbeat workshop you will discover tips and tricks for moving your life forward in ways that can have significant benefits for your loved one.

  • New workshops starting in 2023.
  • Watch for dates to be announced soon.

Cost: $20 /person

Enabling Wellness

The role of the family caregiver


It is easy to be so committed to keeping a loved one healthy and safe, that we inadvertently overstep boundaries.  Similarly, we may not set the personal boundaries we need to protect ourselves from injury or burnout.

Join us in discussing the dos and don’ts around being a family caregiver.

  • New workshops starting in 2023.
  • Watch for dates to be announced soon.

Cost: $20 /person

Making Bad Days Better

Our loved one may be struggling with pain, loss of independence, mobility challenges or memory loss. Their good days make us happy; their bad days leave us sad, frustrated, hurt or angry.

Discover how to create moments that turn bad days into good days or, at least better days for you and your loved one.

  • New workshops starting in 2023.
  • Watch for dates to be announced soon.

Cost: $20 /person

Difficult Conversations

Your spouse’s cancer treatments are no longer working. The clutter in your parent’s home is a safety issue. Your loved one needs more care than you can give. Mom is developing dementia. Dad is incontinent.

All of these are difficult conversations – conversations you know are going to result in defensiveness, anger, sadness, hurt feelings or embarrassment.

How do you prepare for a difficult conversation? How do you prepare for an unpleasant reaction? What are the next steps? Join us for an open and honest discussion on difficult conversations.

  • New workshops starting in 2023.
  • Watch for dates to be announced soon.

Cost: $20 /person