Pilates, boxing, and dance

Piloxing Calgary A group of women in a Piloxing class

Piloxing Explained

Our signature one hour cardio class

PILOXING is the first program that blends the muscle sculpting of standing Pilates; the strengthening and cardio of boxing; and the fun and sensuality of dance into a high energy interval workout.

PILOXING students transform into tough and agile boxers, gracious ballerinas, and hip street dancers…all in one class. The fusion of these disciplines (Pilates, boxing, and dance) keep the classes feeling new and fun, but are all rooted in core centered technique and therefore complement each other perfectly.

Of course the best way to experience PILOXING is to try it, so we’d like to invite you to attend your first class for free!  And if you would like to bring along a friend…their first class is free too! Classes are held Thursday evenings from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Cambrian Heights Community Association in NW Calgary.  Just click below to sign up.

Free First Class

I’m not bad.  I’m just drawn that way!

Jessica Rabbit

A quick introduction to Piloxing


Single Class

  • $15 /Class

5 Class Pass

  • $13.80 /Class

10 Class Pass

  • $12.90 /Class

15 Class Pass

  • $11.93 /Class

Upcoming Classes

 NW Calgary Piloxing

What you’ll need

No shoes required! Workout is done bare foot or with yoga socks

Something comfortable to wear: tights, shorts, sweat pants, t-shirt, tank top

A yoga mat

A water bottle

Piloxing gloves – not required, but because they are weighted they will enhance your upper body workout

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